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    This is the most powerful Jetboard I have ever ridden, I can't go back to other brand again!
    Luan Memishi
    Vanquish Jetboard Hire Gold Coast
    Director & Head coach
    I like this, I'm gonna take this to the wake boarding competion and introduct to others.
    On the rope wakeboarding club
    I bought 3 boards from Jetfly to myself and family, and I carry them to my boat everytime we sail.
    Rottnest Channel Swim finisher


What is a jetboard?
A jetboard is a motorized water sports device that resembles a surfboard or wakeboard but is powered by a jet propulsion system. It allows riders to glide on water surfaces with speed and agility.
Is it easy to learn how to ride a jetboard?
Jetboarding can be learned relatively quickly, especially for individuals with prior experience in water sports. Beginners often undergo training sessions to become proficient in balancing and controlling the jetboard.
What is the maximum speed of a Jetfly jetboard?
The maximum speed of a jetboard can vary depending on the model. JF02 and 03 speeds typically range from 32 to 65 kilometers per hour depends on your weight and power setting.
Do I need PWC license to ride Jetboard?
Jetboard is considered as a PWC(personal water creaft) in Australia states, you require to have PWC licence to ride a Jetboard.
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